Saturday, February 05, 2011

New Job

I resigned my position with Humana and accepted a position with a company in Minneapolis, MN called Savvysherpa. It’s a small company, less than 100 employees.

We’ll be moving to Minneapolis sometime in the spring - the precise time depending on if/when we sell the house. I’ll be commuting back and forth until that happens.

In a way, I feel like I’m coming home. My uncle lives just NE of Minneapolis. My dad grew up 90 miles SE of here. Other distant cousins live here. I was walking around this week and the temps were single digits (both plus and minus). I had a warm coat and the necessary gear. It just felt refreshing to me. My uncle and I went cross country skiing. The temps were in the high 20s. People were greeting each other and commenting on what a nice day it was. I’m looking forward to getting the family move here.

My uncle lives in the coolest development ever. It’s called Jackson Meadows (you can learn more at It’s a peaceful place. The architecture is beautiful – just a great environment all around. I’d LOVE to move the fam here – but a bit too pricey and a bit too far from the office.

Louisville was good. Looking forward to Minneapolis

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