Sunday, July 25, 2010

How did you come to know him #3

Wednesday night I was returning to Louisville from Phoenix. Two segments: first to Dallas/Fort Worth then to Louisville. On the second segment, I sat next to Kelly from Louisville. She’s a couple of years older than I am. She’s divorced, but engaged with a date in October. We had a great discussion about a wide range of topics. Through that discussion, I learned she is Christian. I took the opportunity to ask her “How did you come to know Jesus?” Here is her answer.

She grew up having her parents drop her off at church (church services served as a babysitter for them). She never was spiritually involved, however, reflecting back, she can think of instances where God was reaching out to her.

Not sure on the age range, but she went her own way and did her own thing. Somehow, she ended up a newlywed living in Australia. One morning, about six months into her marriage, she said “I love you” to her spouse – with no response. She asked further and learned he didn’t love her anymore. In short order, she was kicked out, with no money, no way to get home, and nowhere to go. Neighbors, with an unfinished house (she talked about “3 walls”) took her in. Their generosity got her out of the weather, but it wasn’t a great solution.

She didn’t know what to do. She was very upset. Searching for something to do, she had the thought, “Call a church.” She dialed several numbers and eventually spoke to the wife of a pastor. The wife could tell she was in trouble and immediately insisted that she come pick her up. She did, took Kelly to their home and took care of her. Kelly said that she slept the first 24 hours solid. Anyway, the kind couple gave her enough stability that she could get on her feet.

Somewhere, in the midst of this, her heart was broken and she reached out to God – and felt God’s response. She said that she was the type how needed to hit rock bottom before she would make that move. She described her conversion as happening in two stages (she used terms I don’t recall). The first one was that event while she was in Australia - feeling God's love for her. The second was when she returned to the United States, and was, as I recall, more of an event where she committed herself to God.

Her spouse-to-be sounds like a great guy. October should be a joyous time for them both.

Great story. Thanks Kelly. I wish you the best.