Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Role Update

So, I’ve come up with a little model of how I’ve been thinking about the work my team does. It goes something like this…

A client comes with a need for training. Let’s assume it is a legitimate training need. The client comes with a process. The policy consultants (technical writers) work with the process and develop procedures and the other supporting reference materials. The learning consultants (instructional designers) take that input, create a learning strategy, and develop the learning interventions. In those instances where there is a synchronous component, the trainers then deliver the materials. The output of the delivery, aside from people better prepared to perform the process, will be reaction, learning, results, data. The learning analyst takes that data, analyzes and reports.

Now, this model is not necessary sequential.

What happened with me is often people would come with requests for training and not have their process. In the organization where I work, there wasn’t a “process consultant.” I raised the issue a time or two, some very perceptive leaders churned on the idea for a while, and now I’ve been asked to develop the process consultant capacity in the organization. It’s going to be a blast.

Accordingly, I’ll be doing some work in Six Sigma. I’m also spending some time learning the Hammer process materials (check out I’ll be attending the offering in Cambridge Nov. 12 – 14, Cambridge Dec. 12 – 13, Tampa Jan. 28 – 31.