Sunday, March 21, 2010

How did you come to know Him #2

Last week a colleague of mine scheduled sometime for us to talk. I thought it was for her to see how I'm doing - I've had a difficult time recently. Her purpose was to let me know how she's doing. For sure, she will need to have several of her neck vertebrae fuzed together and it's probable that she may have MS.

As part of the conversation, I asked how she was doing - emotionally. Her response included a reference to faith. I took that as an opportunity to ask how she came to know him. Several themes from her response:

She's always known God has been there and has been shaping her.

I didn't sense any sort of bitterness or blaming.

She's recently nurtured a better relationship with a local congregation and believes this will be important in helping her get through this experience.

I didn't have paper to take notes. I think next time I'll include in my question a request to take notes so I can capture better what I hear.

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